Prius Mods

Completed modifications to my 2006 Prius

  LED conversions: Ref Cost
02.16.06 LED conversion for cargo lamp. (was selling)  
02.25.06 LED conversion for front dome lamp. (was selling)  
03.03.06 LED conversion for rear dome lamp.  
03.03.06 LED conversion for door edge lights. (was selling)  
05.05.06 LED module for rear dome (imported - was selling)  
05.30.06 LED module for vanity lights. (selling)  
04.21.06 LED conversion of license plate lights. (was selling)  
03.06.06 LED Cup Light $13
  (Prius Factory Bulb List)  
  LED Module Purchase Information  
02.15.06 EV Mode button $65
02.23.06 VG Shark Fin antenna * buy through PriusChat $62
02.24.06 Always-hot additional 12V outlet, and added switch for existing outlet. $15
02.24.06 Fog Light only mode $2
03.17.06 Plug 'n' play trailer wiring $30
04.02.06 Anytime Camera view FREE
05.06.06 Speed Wire Interrupt FREE
05.11.06 Auto Door Lock (included here, but I have not performed mod personally) $35
05.15.06 Seat heaters and lumbar support $200
12.19.06 Second microphone $50
02.19.07 Horn Signal (included here, but I have not personally performed this mod) $10
07.21.07 Auto fold (and tilt) Mirrors (sorry, just a link to PC, I have not done this but would like to) $700
02.02.08 Optima Aux Battery Retrofit $193
11.21.11 HID headlight replacment on the cheap  
02.05.06 Cargo Tray. (bought here) Arrived TWO Months after ordering. $76
02.15.06 Remove PlaySkool plastic wheel trim rings FREE
02.15.06 Wheeleskin leather steering wheel cover * buy through PriusChat $35
02.16.06 Rear bumper protector. ($67 total with Splash Guards) $32
02.16.06 Splash Guards ($67 total with black bumper protector) $35
02.22.06 Tint 35% rear, 20% sides. 20% windshield visor strip. 3M semi-metallic $200
02.23.06 Emblem removal, 3M Door edge guards, etc $20
02.23.06 Garmin Streetpilot mount and cover FREE
02.23.06 Yakima Racks With Cargo box $226
03.04.06 Saris Racks With Cargo Box $240
07.29.06 Yakima Landing Pads (permanent rack anchors) $240
03.05.07 Yakima Roc4 hitch rack $200
04.16.07 Saris Thelma hitch rack - 2007 $250
02.23.06 Front Sunshade * buy through Priuschat $30
02.23.06 Leather center armrest cover by Prius Hoods * buy $35
03.02.06 Stiffening plate. * buy through Priuschat $150
03.06.06 Curt Trailer Hitch $185
03.07.06 HOV stickers and Fastrak transponder. $8
03.30.06 Rear Wiper Lift - a Darell Original! FREE
05.10.06 Fumoto Oil Drain Valve (F103-N) $29
06.20.07 SportsRig Micro Trailer (general info) $1600
06.20.11 Saris Thelma hitch rack - 2010 $300

Mini FAQ: Are you nuts? Doesn't modifying your expensive little vehicle void your warranty?
A: No fair, that's two questions. Modifying any vehicle does NOT automatically void your warranty, though I hear this concern all the time. Check the Federal Trade Commission website. The Magnuson-Moss Act is what answers this question. A car maker can refuse to repair under warranty any item found to have been damaged by "aftermarket" products or repairs, but they cannot void the warranty just because you had work done by "non-Toyota" people or have aftermarket products installed. If they cannot prove that an item or repair caused the damage, they remain obligated to their warranty. An example: I add roof racks to my Prius, and the next week my steering pump fails. That steering pump is still covered, though I've quite obviously modified the vehicle in important ways.

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