Prius Shark fin Antenna

I ordered the Shark fin antenna through PriusChat (Visual Garage) for the purpose of clearing the roof for my cargo box. Aesthetics and reception were secondary considerations. After measuring, taping and checking it about 312 times, I stuck it down, and am quite happy with how it turned out. The paint on this one is quite good, and it is perfectly color-matched. For the stations I (rarely) listen to, the reception os every bit as good as with the factory antenna.

Roll over this image with your mouse to see before/after (and you can make my daughter magically appear at the same time - ain't technology grand?)
Stock to Sharkfin

OK, so looking inside the antenna shell, we see the "fractal" part. The coiled blue wire attaches to the antenna stub with an included screw. The brass sticker on the left appears (to me!) to be the real antenna here.

Here I have the outline taped out, and the screw holding the wire on. I used some waterproof conductive grease on the screw just for good measure. I figure it'll give me better gas mileage.

I basically outlined the whole thing with blue tape so it would be hard to screw up. Just hard though... not impossible.

I found the center of the spoiler, and measured to make sure that the rear window squirter (black dot in the middle of the antenna here) was centered (it is!) and then I just sighted down the whole mess to be sure I had it aimed right. My camera angle was a tad off here, but you get the idea. Needed to have it straight, or I was afraid the rudder effect would really screw up my tracking. :) If you look closely here, you can see the edges of my PV panels on the roof. Those power my SUSTAINABLE cars, of course.

And it is finally stuck down where there's no easy way of going back.

Glamour shot in the country:

OK. I'm going to come clean here. I've never been fond of the looks of the Prius. But it is growing on me, and this antenna mod is one of the more drastic improvements in that area, surprisingly. Now that I have the wheel trim rings off, the emblems off, the antenna off, and the tint on... this thing is almost bearable to behold! :)

The first shark fin antenna that arrived here had some paint flaws. Visual Garage offered excellent Customer Service, and replaced it with one that had WAY better paint. I include these pictures for history.

The most obvious flaw is on the back where this white stuff is. And no, it won't polish out.

I was expecting more of an "automotive" finish, and what I have here is more of a "spray can" finish.... though I have personally managed to achieve a better finish than this with a spray can and a bit of care! To me this is the result of a final coat that is too thick.

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