Prius Fumoto Oil Valve

In an attempt to make an icky job slightly more pleasant, I installed an F103N Fumoto oil drain valve on my Prius at the first oil change.

Here is the filter wrench I bought at Kragen. Fits a bit lose, so I had to wrap some masking tape around the end of the filter before I could get enough grip to remove the factory-installed filter. I then also wrapped the new filter before installation - otherwise, there would have been no way to get it on tight enough (before the wrench just slips on the flats of the filter end). Also shown here is the Fumoto valve, the factory plug/bolt, and the drain hose that fits the Fumoto nipple perfectly (to allow the oil to drain with NO chance of missing the catch bin).

The final messy drips out of the bare hole. The first and last change to be done this way.

Close-up of the valve with the hose clamp installed (Fumoto-recommended cure for any accidental valve opening). The clamp will most definitely make it impossible for the valve to open unexpectedly.

The valve installed, with the Darell-approved lock-out. The threaded hose clamp is MUCH easier to deal with when you are under the car on your back. Wrestling with pliers on the other clamp was a big PITA. I even trust this solution more than the other, as I can tighten it to my satisfaction. Ready for the next *cleaner* oil change.

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