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Note: As of July 10, 2007, the LED module shop is again CLOSED. Thanks for the good times. ;) I'm leaving the page here just as a piece of history.

Here is the official Prius Chat thread.

Here is the Dome Shop in full-tilt production mode.

These modules feature high-output LEDs mounted to a constant-current (350mA) dropping converter with reverse polarity protection and large Vin range. The LED and circuit should outlast the vehicle. At 12.4V input (standard resting battery V), these LED modules draw 0.110A. The LED modules consume only a fraction of the power of the factory bulbs they replace, yet the LEDs provide more usable, and much whiter light. Because of the lower power draw, a light can be accidentally left on for much longer before it drains the Aux battery to the point where the car won't start. Brighter light, less power... where is the downside? Well, cost.

While these units are not priced at mass-market (low) levels, I am not out to retire on the profits from my hobby! These are cutting-edge units that have required expensive development, testing, inventory and part sourcing. They are also quite labor intensive to assemble. For these reasons and more, I have yet to see a similar product offered for sale. These modules are fully regulated, protected, and sport a high-output LED emitter that is as bright as 20 of the brightest 5mm LEDs on the market. The modules are built with high quality components. Some parts had to be purchased in large quantity to keep the final price from rising even higher. The circuit was designed and built by a good friend, and between the two of us, we assemble every part on these modules from the bare components. These are most definitely "designed AND made in the USA." While this is the first application of this module for the Prius, the circuit and emitters have proven themselves in service over the past six years. There are over 2000 of these modules in service today. Because of advancing LED technology, these are the brightest dome modules that we (and likely anybody) have ever produced.

Please note: I am a one-man show here, and this is my hobby. I have a full life outside of LEDs and the Prius, and sometimes my life actually takes priority. My inventory of various required components can drop to zero with little warning, and sometimes reordering takes a while since my small order quantities don't demand much respect from the vendors. I typically build these to order, which can also delay order fulfillment if I'm busy. I try my best to stay on top of everything, and I am typically very responsive to email - but I am not always going to be able to instantly deliver product. Please send me an email (darell at evnut dot com) if you have any questions after reading this... or want to find out if I have what you're wanting before you order (and then look in your Spam folder if you don't hear back from me in a reasonable time).

Purchase info:

Each module costs $45 to $50, and there is a flat, uninsured shipping & handling charge of $9 for Priority Mail in the US - regardless of quantity ordered. International orders will have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If you want insurance in the US you can add $2 per module, and let me know that you are buying insurance. Without insurance, I can NOT be responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail. These modules are tested for proper functionality at least three times before being carefully packaged. I am confident that they will be in working order when you receive them, though I am not stating or implying any warranty. (Yes, this is just to cover my ass, I haven't had a single disappointed customer to date). Please note - I cannot offer any quantity discounts because these things cost me just as much, and take me just as long to assemble, no matter how many are purchased. The savings is in the shipping where it makes sense. Shipping is a flat rate, no matter how much you buy (plus insurance).

Cost examples:
1 $50 front dome module, 1 $45 cargo module, 2 $14 rear dome import = $109, plus $9 uninsured Priority Mail = $118.
2 $45 door edge modules, 2 $45 vanity modules = $180, plus $8 insurance, and $9 Priority Mail shipping = $197

I accept Paypal at two locations. If you have money in your Paypal, or your Paypal is funded from a checking account, please use cash at, and I actually get to keep the money you send. If you have no choice, and NEED to use a credit card, please use credit at, and I will be charged a fee to accept your payment.

You MUST tell me exactly what you are ordering in all correspondence, or risk falling through the cracks. Money orders and checks are also OK, and end up getting more money to me since I then don't have to pay the Paypal fees.

I can make replacements for all the fixtures listed below. Please follow links for info/installation instructions for each unit so you know what you're getting into.

Each door edge fixture requires the buyer to solder the module in place (or send the modules to me for free installation). If sending payment and/or door fixtures and you want a cargo module, you might as well ship that fixture to me for installation as well, as it can be a wee bit tricky sometimes.. When you get them back, you just plug the fixture in, and you're on your way.

$45 LED conversion for cargo lamp (One per car)
$50 LED conversion for front dome lamp. (THREE bulb positions here - can replace any number of them)
$45 LED conversion for door edge lights. (Two per car)
$45 LED module for vanity lights. (Two per car)
$55/set LED conversion of license plate lights. (these are not regulated, and are a booger to install because of the difficulty in removing the access panel - and they are no longer offered!)

Favorite customer comments:
The lights look fantastic! I just installed all 9 and I can't wait to turn them on after sunset to get the full effect. Thanks for everything! If you come up with any new products, please email me, I will definitely buy them. - M. B.

Just letting you know the LED modules arrived safely (thanks to your excellent packing) and are all now installed. I'm very impressed both by the amount of light the LEDS give out and the quality of work in the module assembly....Well done and thanks for a BRILLIANT product and GREAT service. - B. H.

They are in ! And they are awesome, thanks! I can not wait to hear about your next project or car purchase. - Richard.

Overall I'm ecstatic. Lights are much brighter than could be expected at one fifth the wattage and energy drain.
I'd happily endorse and recommend your products to others. - Lee

I just wanted to let you know that I received the LED modules today. They are PERFECT! I wanted to thank you again for these items & an overall incredible service!!! - Dan

These lights are SO white and SO bright! Now that they are in the car... OMG! they are GREAT! Thanx for making them Darell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE them! - Desertbriez

I successfully installed them and they are working great! The Door lights are fantastic and I almost need a shade for the cargo lamp! The front dome dazzles too. - Lee

The LED's showed up while I was away and I finally was able to get them installed. I am very pleased with the results to say the least! The car is definitely a lot better with the new lights. Thanks again for re-opening the shop and drop me an email if you come up with something new (mod) or need a referral from a happy customer! - Drew

Wanted to send a "thank you" for the LEDs. They showed up last week and I installed them on Sunday. What a difference! Packaging was great and the build quality of the modules themselves is fantastic. - Jason

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