Prius Exterior

02.23.06 - removed rear emblems, had all rear windows tinted (20% on sides, 35% on upper hatch, 50% additional on lower hatch - plus tinted windshield visor strip, 20%) and added door edge guards (3M L) and rear factory bumper protector (from Deland Toyota). Stainless custom license plate frame already added on the first day before the emblems were removed.

** Many folks have been asking me how to remove the emblems. So here just for you is the DERM™ (Darell's Emblem Removal Method):
All the emblems on the Prius are attached ONLY with 2-sided 3M foam tape (except for the chrome stylized T's front and rear - those have locating pins through the skin of the car - leave them alone... and don't ask how I discovered this!). The foam tape is VERY durable, but can be removed completely with no damage to the vehicle (and if you're careful - no damage to you either). First make yourself a wooden "spatula" by carving a popsicle stick into a flat... well... spatula. Carve the end of one flat side into a sharp-ish edge. Pretend like you're are making a very fine wedge out of the thing. Leave 1mm or so of thickness at the "sharp" edge to maintain strength. This will be used for prying the emblem off. Now heat the emblem - either park the car outside on a 100° day for a while, or get yourself a heat gun and learn its limits. Warm the emblem (don't burn the paint!) and when it is warm enough, the spatula will slip behind it into the foam tape pretty easily. Work your way around the emblem, shoving at the tape, until you can get a bit of purchase with your wooden tool and begin to pry a bit. Once you get the hang of it, you'll have each emblem off in about a minute or two. Usually all the stickum comes right off, and you just need to finish up with some wax. If any stickum remains, just rub with WD-40 or kerosene until it is gone... and then follow up with wax. You'll never know the emblem was there.

The tint, rear bumper guard and no emblems (no plastic wheel covers either). No plates yet, but the car is almost where it should have been at delivery!

The 20% tint visor (done in two pieces because of the mirror).

From the inside. Those "blemishes" are just reflections. This shading makes a big difference in the later afternoon. I'm surprised it is not a factory feature.

My new license frame (before emblems were removed, and well before my plates arrived.


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