Prius SportsRig trailer

I bought a SportsRig Micro trailer to tow behind all my "zero towing capacity" vehicles. Here is my more general page on the SportsRig itself (along with some issues I've dealt with). This page is specifically for the Prius. I have a Rav4EV page as well.

First trip with the SportsRig. 16cuft Rocket box (packed!) and my Voodoo MTB.

On the North CA coast.

Camping at Cache Creek.

Nice to have extra room in the car! The cooler and dry food is all that traveled in the car.

Clothes, tent, sleeping bags, stove, air mattress all traveled in the Rocket Box. Sure is nice not having to get that stuff down from the roof.

Under that ugly orange blanket is many pounds of firewood. Black box is the camp kitchen.

Camping gear up to Donner Summit. Hauling food and gear for 16 people (and my bike!) up to 7,200 feet.

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