Saris Thelma 2010


I purchased one of the first Saris Thelmas made back in 2007. While I love the rack and have been using it for all these years, it had a few issues that needed to be addressed. In the latest version of this rack, many of those issues WERE addressed, though there is one* that still needs some attention! To see how the rack works and to see some of the issues that were corrected, please refer back to my 2007 Thelma page.

The current version of this rack - that arrived at EVnut HQ in may of 2011 - has many great new features.

And just like the original, I LOVE IT, and will use it regularly after one modification.

So here we go... This little finger loop seems like a simple thing - it really makes your life easier when you go to fold or deploy the rack. So simple to lift the spring off with one finger instead of worrying about a pinch with the last design:

But here's the issue that remains from the first version: Fork clearance. I'm not sure why this can't be easily addressed (since I've addressed it twice now with a Dremel tool!). Just like before, the front wheel cup hits my carbon fork - and you'll note that this is even a different bike than before! I have already lined out where I will cut the cup back. Note that just like before - this is not some extreme, radical, rare fork - it is an Alpha Q touring fork. Could it be possible that I've owned the only two road bikes that make contact with the Thelma?

So out comes the trusty Dremel tool, and I modify the new rack to match the old:

Making this cut seems like a simple, practical way to solve this problem for everybody. Durability and stability are not compromised in the least - and this shape allows the cup to fit my bikes without rubbing the paint and carbon!

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