Yakima Roc4 Rack on Prius

Yakima Roc4 1-1/4" receiver bike rack. Will hold four bikes - though the weight of four heavy bikes could be an issue for the Prius. I've never carried more than two at a time. The extra saddles are easily removable. The rack easily tilts down by pulling the pin at the hinge section.

The light gray pads have discolored over time. They are "clean" just stained from the black straps.

Showing the height relative to the Prius. This also shows the DOT reflective tape that I've added to the mount. You will NOT be missed with this on the back!

Yes you can open the rear hatch. Barely. with bikes on the rack, there is about 1/2" clearance here. This can be adjusted via the receiver - and will depend on what receiver you use.

I like how these bolt up. There is a captive nut in the square tube. You tighten the nut in the lock hole of the receiver, and it does not wobble.

Here's how it works. The top tube sits in the saddles and the tube is held by the straps. Bike sway is removed by the arm that is attached to the seat tube (shown here). That arm can also attach to the down-tube depending on the shape of the frame. It pivots freely.

Shown on the Rav4EV.

This rack was the support structure behind the Rav plug.

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