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Avcon to NEMA 14-50 adapter
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My 220V adapter kit with labels. All common ends are L6-30. The one with the black cord at the bottom of the photo is the "Charger Adapter." It converts the 14-50 plug of the charger to the L6-30 twist-locks of the rest of the system. Since the L6-30 and the power cord are both three-conductor, and the charger is 4-conductor, the ground and neutral pins (normally corresponding to the green and white from the charger respectively) are jumpered together inside the 14-50 receptacle of my Charger Adapter. From there on down the line, I have only three wires, since ground and neutral are now one.

The bill of materials to make this set of adapters and two 35' extensions cords. All items here can be purchased at Home Depot. Stay away from anything made of Bakelite (hard, brittle plastic) and only consider the more pliable plastic units as shown here. Prices in parentheses are approximate cost of the individual items as of 2006. This is an expensive project as just the L6-30 units alone total about $300. All parts shown above were purchased at either Home Depot or Lowe's. Product changes at both locations (as well as stock) so it is somewhat of a crap shoot when shopping!

My rough cost on the various items (from 2003):

Plugs Receptacles Other
3x L6-30P ($20) 8x L6-30R ($35) Cord bags ($25)
2x 14-30/50P ($15) 1x 14-50R ($12) 100' 10-3 power cord ($100)
1x 6-50P ($15)    
2x 10-30/50P ($15)    
1x 6-30P ($15)    
1x L14-30P ($25)    

To make the charger itself portable, another 14-50 ($15) plug or a 6' 14-50 "range cord" ($18) needs to be added. At my last accounting (2006), the parts cost for a full portable Gen2+ with all adapters, extension cords, handles and carry bags is about $800. This does not include any labor.

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