Avcon to NEMA 14-50 adapter

The Avcon adapter converts an Avcon charging "claw" into a 14-50 outlet. All the portable chargers that I've built are terminated with a 14-50 plug, so without any more adapters, the portable chargers can plug right into the converter box (or an RV park 50A outlet). Turnkey adapter boxes like this used to be available for purchased from the EAA for $325 (without the Volt meter, rubber feet or nice handle)

I have added a Volt meter to my Avcon adapter now. This allows me to more easily check charging station Voltages for EVCN reports. The red switch with the red PVC surrounding guard is the power switch for the meter (not an advertisement for Target stores as it might appear). Meter runs on an internal Li 9V battery. I also have a quick-connect pig-tail inside the case that can be hooked up to a 14-50 plug to check Voltage from non-Avcon sources.


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