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New EVnut feature! The Rav4EV 100k Mile Club. And now the Rav4EV200k Mile Club.

Gallery of Rav4EV owners/drivers. Please send (info at evnut dotcom) your pictures and information (Looking for pictures with owners/drivers in them! - please send full size and I'll resize here)

Jerry Pohorsky, Santa Clara, CA
White 2002. Bought out lease from private party in LA area. Can be charged from 120 or 240 VAC outlet using 20-pound Manzanita Micro PFC charger. Charges at about 5% per hour using about 1.5kW of power at 120VAC. Of course there is still the inductive charger for daily use at 5kW. Love the RAV 4INFO ! (120k miles in on 1.1.11)

Darell Dickey, Kim & Kyra Lee, Davis, CA
VIN 2630
Silver 2002. Purchased new 12.16.02 from Hanlees Toyota, Davis. This is our primary vehicle, and is driven about 12k miles/year. Charged from our grid-tied 2.5kW solar PV array. All interior lighting is electronically-controlled LED, has cruise control, rear hitch/bumper, custom exterior lettering, tinted glass, LED third brake light, extra storage and cupholders...see here for a more complete list and links. There are about 50 public chargers within a 20 miles radius of where I live!

Meg Newman, San Francisco, CA
License: SOL VOLT
White 2002. We bought out a lease at 41k miles in 2005. Power comes from our roof-mounted 4.8kW PV solar PV system. Have seen Range over 120 miles. Our "second car" is a battery-assisted bicycle and a regular bike, and our "third car" is a membership in City CarShare.

Illah & Mitra Nourbakhsh, Marti Louw, Pittsburgh, PA
White 2002. Purchased and moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where it's been driving on snow without issue. About 19k miles in May 2005, with the batteries doing just fine. (picture with people coming!)

Kathy and Ed Miller, Goleta, CA
White 2002. Added cruise control. We previously leased an EV1 and loved both cars! 59k miles as of 07.2007. Powered by a 3.5kW solar PV system.

Rob & Milli Stelling, Anguin, CA
License: WE [heart] R EV
Silver 2002. Purchased new. Lots of reflective informational stickers on the back. Powered from our roof-top 4.5kW solar PV system. We regularly see 150 miles of range. Our other car is a 2001 Prius. The good looking one in the picture is Milli.

Bryan Murtha, Owings, MD
License: SUN PWR
Silver 2002. Partially powered by our 2.2 kw solar PV system. Purchased in December 2003 from a seller in L.A. after losing our leased 2000 Ford Ranger EV. Driven daily for my 70 mile roundtrip commute into downtown Washington, DC. This is the first vehicle that has allowed me to make that clean commute even on 8°F days. Our other car is a 50 mpg 2003 Jetta Wagon TDI that we run on B100 soy biodiesel.

Arnold de Leon, Cupertino, CA
License: DEVCAR3
Silver 2002. Purchased 03.02. Now with over 32k miles in May 2005. Charged by a 10.9 kW solar PV system. Our other car is a 2002 Prius, DEVCAR2.

Paul Scott and Zan Dubin Scott, Santa Monica, CA
VIN 2638, License: SUN PWRD
GREEN! (was Silver) 2002. Purchased new on 02.20.02. Now with 25k miles in June, 2005. Charged with clean power from our 2.9kW solar PV system from EE Solar. Happily living where public chargers and free parking abound. 10.05, vehicle was "totaled" in a traffic accident, and was brought back to life in Jaguar Racing Green.

StEVe Greenberg & Liz Varnhagen, Berkeley, CA
License: PV 2 EV
Silver 2002. About 69,000 miles as of 03.14. Our first drive in the car was from Beverly Hills to Berkeley in 2004 (bought it used through a lease buyout). Charged from our 4.7 kW solar PV system. We have RAV4-Info, a portabilized Gen2+ charger, cruise control, and magnet-held battery vent screens. We walk, bicycle, and take public transit for most trips, but for hauling Liz's cello, Steve's tools, or for going hiking around the Bay Area, it's a great machine.

Tom and Vera Dowling, Folsom, CA
VIN 2528, License: PLGNPLA
Silver 2002. Originally from Toyota of Walnut Creek. Delivered 5/02, totaled in accident 10/02 with 2027 miles. Purchased by Tom Dowling from Shin Kao as is 02.03 Repaired by Paramount Collision, San Mateo Repairs completed 05/03. 25k miles as of 09.05. Accessories: Cruise control, console, cup holder, rear bumper/hitch, vent magnets, LED interior lights

VIN 2548, License: PLG+PLA
Silver 2002. From Roseville Toyota 07.03.02. 21k miles as of 09.05. Accessories: Console, cup holder, rear bumper/hitch, vent magnets, LED interior lights.


Norm Rhett, San Ramon, CA
License PV PWRD.
Silver 2002. Purchased at end of lease 05/05. 8.4 kW solar PV converter boxes shown because the panels are in the inaccessible back yard. 46K guilt-free miles so far and looking forward to collectors item status in, say, 10 years when, we hope, it will be seen as the forerunner of an automotive revolution.

Alexandra Paul & Ian Murray, Southern CA
White 2002. Purchased used in early 2003 after being a proud lessor of an EV1 for six years. From 1990 - 1993, I owned a converted Datsun EV (it went 25 miles per charge!) and 1993 -1996 I owned a converted Volkswagon Rabbit EV (50 miles per charge). At first the RAV4 felt way too big, and I felt stymied by the lower range (100 miles rather than the EV1’s 120 miles), but now I LOVE it. Ian drives a 2001 Toyota Prius, and we have a 1996 Ford F250 that we run on 100% biodiesel, but we both think the RAV4 EV is the best vehicle of the bunch.

George and Grete Johnson, Los Gatos, CA
VIN 2519, License ELC TOY
Silver 2002. Bought out our lease 12.04. Now with 39K miles in 08.05. 2.5kW solar system on the roof of our home. Live at 3,000 feet in Santa Cruz mountains.

J. Marvin Campbell, Culver City, CA
License 1: GAS SUX (silver 2003)
License 2: DO MORE (white 2003)
Panels on the roof, pumpin' in the juice. Doing our best to subvert the dominant pardigm since 1961.

Karen & Rob Josephson, Vacaville, CA
White 2003. Shown at the Larkspur Ferry lot, after a day visiting Muir Beach, eating dinner at Marin Brewing Company - then a movie before heading back to Vacaville. Rob is *not* afraid of driving in the red zone! Just bought a 2005 Prius. Karen often gets to work driving our EVT all electric motor scooter.

Linda Nicholes and Howard Stein, Anaheim Hills, CA
White RAV – VIN 2188
Silver RAV – VIN 2453
The white RAV was fleet leased 10.22.01 and PURCHASED (Major Dontcrush victory) on 08.19.05. The silver RAV was retail leased 04.07.02 and subsequently purchased. The cars have between 33k and 43k miles on them. Both have performed flawlessly. The white RAV is powered via our 4.2 kW solar PV system.

Dency Nelson & Family, Hermosa Beach, CA
White 2002. First leased (March, 2002) and then purchased in early 2005. I have followed Darell's instructions to install the center console, the vent grill magnet modification, and have installed Michael's RAV4 Info. As of 07.05, it has 44k miles of commuting, errands and fun on it, and it still looks and feels brand new. Car is charged from our 2.7kW solar PV system.

Patrick Beaulieu, San Jose, CA
Silver 2002. Lic: GVUPGAS.
Leased the RAV4 for 3 years starting 11.2002, bought it 3 years later. As of 02.2010 the odometer shows 100,000 miles. Have not had it in for service in 2 years / 30K miles. Seems to be doing fine. internal battery resistance obviously climbing over time. My 75 mile round trip commute still works, with 20% remaining when I get home!

Mike Kane & Cathy Lam with Ben and Emily, Newport Beach, CA
Silver 2003. Purchased new. Joins a Chevy S10-Electric and a Ford Think neighbor to round out our all electric fleet. All are powered by a 4.2kW home solar PV system.

Sandy Kapteyn, Chris. Jessica & Robby Yoder, Pasadena CA
White 2002. This is a kid-mobile with mom as the chauffeur. We purchased the RAV4 EV at the conclusion of its lease and have been driving it since May of 2005. In March 2002, after GM forcibly removed our EV1, we installed a 5 kW solar PV system to help make up for replacing the EV1 with a gas guzzling Prius.

Kelly O'Brien and marth Watson, CA
White 2002.

Marc Geller, San Francisco, CA
Plugs and Cars Blog
White 2002. Purchased used 08.2004 with about 16k miles. As of 07.2009, it has 69,000 miles. Almost 3 years and 25,000 miles driving a Th!nk City made it impossible to go back to a gasoline vehicle. 5KW of grid-tied solar on my Haight Street roof makes enough electricity for the car and house. RAV4 Info (thanks Michael). Cleanable vents (thanks Ron) Manzanita capable (thanks, Bill).

Ed Begley Jr., Studio City, CA
White 2002. Purchased new. 39k miles as of 09.05. You can't make gasoline on your roof. You CAN make electricity. My car and my house are powered by clean, green solar power that's good for the environment AND my pocketbook in the long term. (The environmental page of Ed's web site can be found here.)

Stephen & Katherine Taylor, Marietta, GA
Silver 2002. Note the EV Club of the South license plate. Off to the left the gas guzzling Prius it replaces.

Steve Hawkins, Vail, CO
White 2002. (also 1993 Chrysler TeVan on the left). Both factory produced BEVs. The TeVan was a joint Chrysler/GE project and has NiFe (nickel-iron) batteries. Only 56 made. Comparatively my Rav4EV never needs any service (38k miles to date) and the TeVan is getting a battery servicing (6k to date). I live in Vail, CO in the heart of the Rockies and am very happy with the Rav4EVs performance on the hills.

Tim, Vibeke, Christine, Carsten, Blue (cat) Hastrup, Granite Bay, CA
One each White and Silver 2002. As of 11.05, the silver Rav has 33k miles and the white has 35k miles. 4.4kW rooftop solar PV system provides more than enough power for both cars

John Aalto, Studio City, CA
License: OILLESS
Silver 2002. 30K miles as of 10.05. I drive this every day and only wish we had two of them! With Time of Use charging and weekly use of public chargers the per-mile costs are trivial. When will those home PV rebates return?

Drew Turock, David Turock, Lisa Mikulynec, New Jersey
Cars are (left to right): 2003 with 33,000; 2002 with 49,000; 2002 with 23,000 miles; all purchased from previous owners in California and shipped to New Jersey in a covered car carrier. These are our primary vehicles. We drive them to the New Jersey shore and into Manhattan several times a week. Trying to get the word out on the East Coast! Life is good - love these cars!

Scott Messic and family, Los Angeles, CA
White 2002 x2. Two Rav4EVs, both with over 40K miles (Jun '06) are our daily drivers. I am a Realtor in the North Los Angeles area and my clients love riding in the future of transportation. We are installing 10kW of solar power. We love the freedom and independence afforded by Pure EV + solar Power. We would pay $120K today for a 7 passenger EV but the 2 of our Rav4EVs satisfy for now.

Claudine Jones and Sam Worf, Oakland, CA
License: IM SOLAR
White 2002. Claudine and son Sam pictured in front of our solar-equipped home. The SPI charger is mounted on the far side of the chimney. The Sunnyboy inverter - for our 2.5kW, 16 panel array of Kyocera solar panels - can be seen in front of the chimney. Our first EV was the EV1 and now our ‘Zippie’ has turned to ‘Sluggie’. Hard to go from steak to hamburger. Better than ICE, though.

Peter Buckner, San Francisco, CA
License: ZZAPPY
White 2002. Purchased at end of 3-year lease. 3+ years, 35k miles. 4kW solar PV system went live 01/06. New custom stickers just installed. Reconditioned battery pack @ 85k miles (2011)

Thomas A. Gonda, M.D. & Barbara A. McQuinn, M.D., Oakland, CA.
Silver 2002. Purchased new. Powered by our 16 kW solar PV system for the 6,500 sq ft home. Two Segways - used for transportation to work and marathon training. Our, children glide, we run. Other auto: 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, destined for battery addition.

Bruce, Bonnie & Molly Tucker, Thousand Oaks, CA.
White 2002. VIN ???? purchased on eBay in March 2005. Powered by our 5kW rooftop solar PV system (or at a private charging station at Amgen). Since coming into our family, the RAV has ranged from Oxnard to Hollywood to Santa Monica and down to LAX. Grid-tied solar system installed by EE Solar in 08.05 comprising 44 Sharp ND-NOECU solar panels and Xantrex inverter.

Avi Hershkovitz, Claremont, CA
White 2002. Purchased at the end of the lease in 2005. Passed 100,000 miles in 06.06, with no battery problems or range loss. Driving about 100 miles a day as the primary commute car. The charger is carried in the car which enables charging at work. Have been driving electric since December 1996 with two EV1s and the RAV4-EV.

Todd Fisher. Creston, CA
White 2001. Purchased new. Charged from my grid-tied 8KW solar PV system that also powers my ranch. The Rav is use it for all my local driving. I also tow the Rav behind our Bio-diesel motor home for trips across the country. The Rav is charged from the 50 amp hookups at RV parks through the RV electrical system or I use the onboard bio-diesel generator.

Karen and Steve Casner, Sunnyvale, CA
Silver 2003. Purchased new in September 2003 (one of a few that became available after the formal end of sales in November, 2002). Only 15k miles in 09.06 because we don't drive a lot. Installed cruise control and RAV4Info. Driving electric since November, 1998 with EV1 Gen I then Gen II (until they were pried out of my hands), then Ford Ranger EV for a year until it was taken, too. You can bet we chose to purchase the RAV4. 4kW solar PV system installed June 2000 results in credit balance each year with E-9 time-of-use net metering. So much more convenient than gasoline!

Chuck Aldrin, Chico, CA
Silver 2002. I now own a total of 4 EVs - The RAV4EV, a 2002 GEM, a 1975 CitiCar and a 1984 S-10 pickup running on 144 volts. I have a 6kw PV system... so almost no electricity bill even with charging the EVs.

Simo, Macquarie(7yo), Heidi, Mill Valley, CA
2x silver 2002. VINs 2553 & 2543. 130K miles of zero-emissions driving between the two, as of 04.2007. 35MWh of solar electric production in the same time.

Mark and Cathy Whitehead, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
VIN 2755, License: SON PWRD
Silver 2003. Purchased new from Cabe Toyota in Long Beach on 12.28.02. Driven 87 miles round trip from Rancho to Downey weekdays. Fills 95%+ of driving needs. 100,000 miles on 1/13/07. Batteries are still going strong! Installed a 7 kw solar system from EE Solar to power my house and car in 08.03. Use a portable charger to charge at work.

Eiichi Oogami, Fukuoka, Japan
Silver 1998. Right-hand drive with on-board conductive charger.
Purchased used in Feb 2007 with 13K miles. Replaced one of the fuses in the EV fuse box. Currently home-building another EV (Peugeot).

Sinan. Kadife & Eugen Dunlop, Davis, CA
Silver 2002. And recently added to the EV fleet is a white Ford RangerEV.

Youngchul and Kai Park, Palo Alto, CA
VIN 2546
Silver 2002. Leased in 06.2002, purchased 04.2005. Powered partly by Palo Alto Renewable.

William Korthof, Pomona, CA
Silver 2002. Purchased new. Part of the EE Solar clean vehicle fleet.. passed 100,000 miles in 04. 2007.

Stan and Lisa Ireland, Windsor, CA
Silver 2002. Installed 4.8 kw grid-tied solar system in 04.2005 with slim hopes of buying an EV. Purchased from lease 06.2005 with 23k miles. The Rav4 EV now has over 46k solar powered miles on it. Still getting 120 mile range around town. Now we're saving pennies for the next EV. E-Box or Whitestar?

Deborah Maxwell & Scott Cronce, Pacifica, CA
Silver 2002. VIN 2620
White 2002. VIN 2427, license REAL EV)
Silver was a Nov. 2006 Ebay purchase from a Virginia owner. White was purchased in May 2007 from a Cupertino CA owner. My daily commute in the Silver Rav is 45 miles into Redwood City. My wife liked mine so much that we bought a second so she doesn't have to drive a gas car. Our other electric vehicles (in the garage) are a 1995 U.S. Electricar, a 2005 EVT-4000e electric Scooter, and a Segway. Power for our electric vehicles and house come from our 10kW PV solar system (56-220w SunPower panels) located on the back of roof.

Betsy Thagard & Andrew Keen, Berkeley, CA
White 2002. Leased in 06.2002. Purchased in 06.2005. 36k perfect miles as of 06.2007. Powered with a 3.7 kW solar system. Our only car. My real estate clients love it and so do our kids!

Linda and Julietta Yeaney, Howard Gindoff. Los Angeles, CA
White 2001. Bought out our corporate lease of 09.2001 in 09.2006, at about 31K miles. The perfect baby-to-carpool vehicle - from pulling over in the summer to let her sleep w/AC on, to wedging 3 carseats in the back. Only thing we're missing is solar... but we have too many trees!! (Julietta won first prize at the Halloween fair!)

Sheldon Katz, Calabasas, CA
White 2002. After being on the supposed "wait list" for the EV1, I bought the Rav4EV as soon as I could. I assumed correctly that if I wasn't quick to buy it, I would lose out again.

Barry and Su Thysell, CA
Silver 2002. Turned 100k miles in May, 2008

Mike Colburn, San Diego, CA
White 2002. Turned 100k miles in May, 2008 Bought new 3/20/02. Greatest distance in a single day = over 200 miles, using public chargers in Orange County during business meetings. First car I bought new; it has served me well. Have to make a point to drive the long distance car at least once a week so it remains functional! I could easily get along with this vehicle only.

Nate Vanderschaaf, Denver, CO
Silver 2002. Purhcased used in 2007. Have become a Democratic delegate and am using my Rav4EV to show the politicians what we've been missing... and where we should be heading.

Cathy and Tom Saxton, Sammamish, WA
License: BTRYPWR
White 2002 purchased from orginal owner in July 2008, with under 44,000 miles. It replaced a 1996 Pathfinder in functionality and a 2001 Insight as our primary vehicle. Four months later we can happily report that we haven't had any trips that we couldn't make within its range. We are reportedly the fourth RAV4-EV owners in Washington. Mods: keyless entry, magnetic vents, rear hitch (for tandem bike rack), antenna tie-down, snow mode switch.

Walter Ross, Austin, TX
Silver 2002. Arrived via Chicago, IL where it has lived since it left California.
Purchased on e-Bay, it was trucked down and arrived the Monday before Christmas, 2008. It has 52,000 miles and is in good condition.
Austin is the capitol of Texas, and has a strong EV group with many conversions as well as a strong Plug In support group

Mike Kobb. Belmont, CA
License: ZRO GAS
Silver 2002. 78,000 miles as of March, 2009. Purchased (not leased!) from Toyota 101 in Redwood City. Now includes cruise control and RAV4Info. This is my only car. I have driven electric exclusively since December 1999, first with a NiMH EV-1, and now with the RAV4-EV. My car gets most of its power from my 5.3kW solar array. I pay about as much for an entire year of electricity for my house and all my driving as most people pay to fill up their cars for a month.


Fred Ungewitter. Daytona Beach, FL
Silver 2003. Arrived October, 2009 with from an eBay auction with ~65k miles on the odometer. It's an exciting addition to our collection of green transportation vehicles. First was the Xebra, followed by the Gizmo and now we have a great Rav4EV. Also included in our fleet is my WAW velomobile human powered vehicle, good for up to one hundred mile range (as tested) and my SBU (self-balancing electric unicycle) from Focus Designs good for a projected range of eight to ten miles. The Rav4EV is really to coddle my dear wife and she loves it, of course.

Waidy Lee. Los Altos Hills, CA
Vin 2461, License plate 4WNR543

Silver 2002. Purchased on April 2  Powered by Waidy's 18kW PV since 2006 and rolled over 100,000 miles on July 4, 2010. My Rav is driven everywhere with help from a portable Gen2+ charger.

Greg and Sue Brewsaugh. Huntington Beach, CA

White 2002.Powered by 5kW of solar PV. Wish we could park it next to one of the three EV-1s we leased and tried to buy :sigh:

Robin Yan. Los Alamitos, CA

Silver 2002. Purchased from Dough Korthof in 2012 with 98,000 miles.


Darren Overby - San Anselmo, CA

White 2002.  The lucky second owner of Michael Schwabe's RAV4-EV.  Searched for ages to get this great electric vehicle.  Purchased at 96,000 miles and it now has 153,000 miles on the ORIGINAL BATTERIES!.  Michael's routine of keeping the pack charged to 90% SOC using RAV-info seems to have really prolonged the life of this car despite Darren's compulsion to keep up with fast, dirty ICE cars.



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