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Rav energy (battery pack) data (this page)

Offical Rav4EV specs

Battery pack

Advanced nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)

Top speed

78 mph

Driving range

125 miles

0-60 mph

In 18 seconds

Magnet Motor


50kW of power

190 Nm of torque

Charging system

Requires 220V, 30-amp outlet

Automatic shut-off

On-board charge controller

My range record (and I don't try for max range very often!) per charge was accomplished 08.21.05. I drove 133 miles on 100% SOC. Two people in the car, plus the portable charger in back. Twisty, hilly drive with many stops at the beginning and end. Heavy AC use for one full leg of the two-way trip. Final score: 191 Wh/mile consumed = 5.2 miles per KWh = range of 133 miles = 25.9kWh pack. (To calculate pack capacity: multiply kWh consumed by 100, and divide that by percentage of SOC consumed. The longer the trip the more accurate this will be).

Energy Data: