Rav Vent Screen Replacement

When I first removed my quarter vents to modify them with magnets, I was surprised at the small size of the screened area for the battery-cooling intakes. Why create such a large louvered area, but use such a small area of screen? I may never know what Toyota was thinking when they designed this whole quarter vent area - but I don't think they had the consumer in mind! The factory screen is small, is held in with bolts that are hard to access, and of course is behind that difficult-to-remove plastic louver piece. The challenge was to make a much larger, easier to service screen that made some sense.

First, here is what the stock screen looks like (dirty after just six months, btw).

I removed the black frame that holds the giant rubber gasket in place, and epoxied on some fiberglass screening. The first one was almost a disaster, but the second one went really well after the steep learning curve of the first.

When done, it looks reasonably good (from the back still - and of course I'm only showing you the good one).

And when installed on the vehicle, it looks GREAT. This is one of those mods that turned out so well, that I'm almost sorry it is hidden! The Jedd Clampett way to achieve a similar result is to just roughly cut the screen an inch larger than the opening, hold it over the hole, and bolt the frame on to clampett (get it?) in place - sandwiching the screen between the black metal frame and the giant rubber gasket.

Toyota... if you're out there - THIS is how the vent screen should have been designed. It is well over twice the surface area, and SO much easier to remove. And I'm serious: What were you thinking?

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