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Rav4INFO consists of three parts:

The best choice of Palm device to run the Rav4INFO software in the car is the M5XX. These devices draw just a few milliamps when the back light is off. Some offer color or B&W displays. The M515 is brighter than the earlier generation (m505) color model. The M515 is the one I use and recommend. The display is high-contrast, and the back light can be turned on low, high or off. When the battery needs to be replaced (mine lasted 6 years of constant use in the car) find the battery and special tools on eBay.

The M130 will work as well, but has proven to be less durable. The M130 also requires the back light to be on whenever the Palm is on which limits the usefulness of the device when the device cannot be powered externally.

The Palm interface could be purchased from Michael Schwabe (mschwabe1950 _@_ gmail _._ com). Last we heard there are no more being made, so asking the Rav4EV list is your best bet.

So what's the point? What do I use it for?

Tips and tricks for Palm Devices:

V1 of my mounting solution.

V2 of my mounting solution that I still use today.

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