Palm Mount - V1

This was my first attempt at mounting the Palm device with RAM componenets.  The updated, current version (V2) is here. Main Rav4INFO page found here.

The Palm Device (M515) is mounted with RAM components. The base uses a foam adhesive (permanent) disk to attach to the plastic pillar cover, and the arm has a ball joint on each end, allowing for lots of adjustability. All RAM supplies were purchased from The components are:

Here are the cockpit instruments from the pilot's view.

Overview of the cockpit with the RAM-mounted Palm

Close up of the RAM mount for the Palm. Only one ball joint is visible - the other is directly behind the Palm holder. I recently noticed that the plastic pillar cover is different on the 2003 models. I don't know how well this adhesive mount would work on the '03 (Mount V1)

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