Articulated LED Map Light Conversion -V1

I wanted a front dome light that would draw very little current so that a door left ajar would not kill my aux battery in a matter of a day or two. This articulated LED light draws about 0.4W (VS 10W from the two incandescent lights that the factory provided). The grid of nine wide-angle 3mm LEDs can be aimed so that no light hits the driver's eyes if the passenger needs to read a map. The LED housing is machined from Stainless Steel.   Since this version, I have upgraded again to V2.

The front light fixture was rewired to function thusly:

  1. Door open - LED light only, 75% brightness
  2. Passenger side button pushed - LED light only, full brightness
  3. Driver side button pushed - Both factory incandescents

The first shot here shows ALL lights on (both buttons pressed)

The rest of these pictures show just the LED light on, and point all over the place.

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