Reflective Lettering

Soon after taking delivery of my Rav, I removed all stickers and emblems from the rear door. Do not ask why - Sometimes I just need to do something that most people do not or will not do. I have always wanted some lettering on the car that made it more obviously an Electric Vehicle (I think most people think that the huge EV on the side is the model or trim level or something). And since my car is almost completely powered from my roof-mounted photovoltaic panels, it truly is a Solar Powered EV.  The idea was to get people to notice that the car is NOT burning gas, and to ask questions about where my power comes from. These die-cut vinyl letters are dark blue in daylight, and are reflective at night. The reflective aspect makes them really stand out at night, and even adds to the safety of the vehicle. They were purhchased from the same place that made the magnetic signs that many of us are now sporting. The font is Helvetica Rounded Bold Condensed Italic.

Magnetic signs and stickers were all ordered from : - -
2513 Haven Street
Port Charlotte, FL 33948
Phone 800-966-0915
Fax 800-966-0917

Night shots:

And a couple of daylight shots so you can see how the letters normally look.

Here is what Rob Stelling currently has on the back of HIS Rav (I present this just so you can see that others are crazier than I am). Rob found (and purchased) the original font that we both use, and he also added the font "jolt" to this display. I think you can tell which word uses "jolt."

Here Tim created a whole new decal that includes the EV. The *.EPS file for this is here.

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