Magnetic Signs

Spring is "parade season" around these parts.  While I liked the idea of giving on-lookers some info on my car, I was never too fond of the whole butcher paper-Magic Marker-masking tape idea.  I decided that laser-cut vinyl magnetic signs were the answer.  The only problem is that the Rav really doesn't have much flat sheet metal.  After lots of input, these are the two (subtly different) designs I came up with.  The sign on the front door has "100% Solar Powered" while the sign on the rear door lacks that text.

The signs fit the front door with little hassle (though it covers the giant EV that we've already paid for!).  The one on the rear door eclipses the handle ever so slightly.  Enough to make the handle useless though.  Five minutes with a pair of scissors would fix that if the handle needed to be used during the parade.

Magnetic signs and stickers were all ordered from : - -
2513 Haven Street
Port Charlotte, FL 33948
Phone 800-966-0915
Fax 800-966-0917


Here is what the proofs looked like from the sign maker.  What you see is definitely what I got!

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