Prius II Owner FAQ

How much gas can you squeeze in after completely draining the tank?
A: About 11.4 gallons. The tank is officially supposed to hold 11.9, but I haven't heard of anybody stuffing that much in. The tank has a flexible bladder, and several variables (like temperature) can affect the available volume of the tank. Do NOT count on having 11.9, or even 11.4 gallons in the tank after a fill. Just fill up very soon after the last gas gage pip starts flashing!

What is "Pulse and Glide" and why doesn't every body do it and get 100mpg?
A: It is a technique that avoids use of the HV battery, and uses the small ICE at its most efficient. To do it "right" means driving slower and more erratically than you'd normally want to drive on public roads. However, many pieces of the technique can safely be accommodated in everyday driving to increase efficiency. A good description of the technique is here (from a Geo Metro site!)

How do I get better mileage when I'm on the highway - driving too fast for real Pulse and glide?
A: Several things to try. See here.

How much do you have left when the E bar begins flashing?
A: It would seem that everybody's car is different in this regard. The lowest I've heard is one gallon. I'd assume half of that to avoid being one of many who've been stranded by assuming otherwise. I swear, more people run out of gas in their Prius than in any other car I've heard of.

What Yakima racks fit the Prius II?
A: Jump to my rack page.

Is there a Trailer Hitch that fits the Prius?
A: Yes, The Curt unit is what I use.

What is the coefficient of drag?
A: 0.26 cd. Better than most cars, nowhere near as good as the 0.19 of the EV1.

What is the factory wheel/tire size?
A: 15x6.5" rims, 5x100 bolt pattern, 45mm offset (weighs just about 13 pounds). Tires are Goodyear Integrity 185/60 15". The wheels are held on with lug nuts that require a 21mm socket.

What the hell does the "B" position on the shifter do?
A: Hobbit has done a fine job of explaining it here.

Oil change. How do I do it, and what is the correct oil filter part number? Drain valve numbers?
A: Great instructions for the oil change. Filter number: YZZF2. Previous to 2006, the part number was YZZA2. The F2 has replaced the A2 and has 20% more filter area in a smaller package. Fumoto drain valve #F103 fits the Prius II. Fram #SD-3.

How do I get a new fob? How do I program it?
A: The 2006 Smart Key fob is Toyota PN 8999447061, and the lowest price was found at for $150.58 (shipping included) MSRP is $200.77. The fob then needs to be programmed at the dealer, and dealer pricing for that varies widely from $35 to $125.

Good place to by Prius accessories?
A: Ebay has some great dealers, and is another popular go-to place for good prices. Steve at Deland Toyota (Parts Department Toll Free at 1-800-883-2645 ext 441) has been fantastic to deal with. For a huge list of Prius-specific parts, check AutoAnything.

What light bulbs does the Prius use?
A: Bulbs (my list)

Why does my iPod hum when played through the stereo?
A: The most likely problem is ground loop feedback. Quick way to check: Play the iPod through the stereo (with a 1/8" terminated stereo cable) and just use the iPod's internal battery for power. Next try to power the iPod with a 12V power adapter plugged into the car. If the hum only happens when powered by the car, then you have a ground-loop situation. The solution is to purchase a ground loop isolator like this one from Radio Shack... or this more appropriate one from Crutchfield ....or to just play the iPod from its own battery.

What's the "start hole cover" problem, and how do I fix it?
A: Hobbit shows the problem and fix on his page here.

Changing various settings:

How do I reset the "Maintenance" light (oil change reminder)?
A: The oil change light will start flashing 4500 miles after the last reset to remind you that an oil change is coming up. Once at 5000 miles after the last reset, it stays on. If you change the oil yourself, or the dealer forgets to turn the light off, rather than taking it back to the dealer, do the following:

How do I get rid of the annoying beeps in reverse and when the seatbelts are not fastened?
A: To eliminate the beeps from seatbelts and reverse, follow these steps:

1. Power on the car (IG-ON or READY) and using the Trip/ODO button, make sure ODO is displayed (not Trip A or Trip B).
2. Power off the car.
3. Now power on the car to READY (brake on).
4. Within 6 seconds of powering on, press and hold the Trip/ODO button for 10 seconds or more (there is no indication... just count)
5. WHILE STILL HOLDING ODO *after* the 10 seconds, shift the "gear" selector to R, then press the P button. Now release the Trip/ODO button.
6. If the last step was successful, "b on" or "b off" should be displayed in the location where the Odometer is normally displayed (front dash area). "b on" is beep on (default), and "b off" is beep off.
7. Press Trip/ODO to toggle the mode.
8. Power the car off to exit the toggle mode.
9. Good to go.

Note: The Repair manual page states that if the the 12v battery is disconnected, the beep will reset to the default of on, and this procedure will need to be performed again - I have confirmed this to be true!. The repair manual is not clear that Trip/ODO should remain depressed while performing the Reverse/Park action.

Additional Note: The driver and passenger seat belt reminder chime can be disabled or enabled (respectively, defaults are driver on and passenger off) using similar steps. Instead of shifting from P to R to P in step 6, simply buckle then unbuckle the appropriate seatbelt while continuing to depress the Trip/ODO button. Might want a helper for this one!

How do I reset my Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)?
1) With cold tires, adjust tire pressure appropriately.
2) Power ON
3) Push and hold TIRE PRESSURE RESET SWITCH until the Tire Pressure Warning Light blinks slowly 3 times.
4) Wait for at least 3 minutes in the ON mode after this, (to allow the sensors to all register), then you can Power OFF the car.
Note that the warning light will only come on after a 25% loss of pressure from where you registered them. If you would like the warning to come on at 39 psi (instead of when they are dangerously low!), inflate tires to 52 psi in step one, then reduce the pressure to what you want after step 4.

Read more:

How do I change the function of the Smart Entry?
A: Smart Entry is user programmable and can be changed to perform in 3 different ways. The following is the layman's description of each option, followed by how to change the settings.

Option 1 (Default) - Driver only on the driver's side, all doors from the hatch or passenger side.

Option 2 - The driver's door can open all doors. I have it set this way as I have a kid in the back every time! It is more convenient to touch my handle before opening the rear door than to use the fob twice, or open my door and unlock all doors, or go to the hatch and do a quick grab (not enough to open) or to the passenger door. This option seems the least conservative of the three.

Option 3 - Drivers door and hatch only open those doors when opened, passenger opens all. This option seems the most conservative of the three.

From your user manual - page 30.

Each time you push the lock button together with the panic button on the smart key for about 5 seconds with the hybrid system off, the setting for door unlocking will change as follows:

1. Driver’s door unlocking mode: If you perform smart unlocking operation on the driver’s door, it will unlock. Performing unlocking operation on the front passenger’s door or back door will unlock all the doors. When the system switches to this mode, one beep sounds inside the vehicle and two beeps sound three times.

2. All doors unlocking mode: Performing smart unlocking operation on either front door or back door will unlock all the doors. When the system switches to this mode, one beep sounds inside the vehicle and two beeps sound twice.

3. Single door unlocking mode: The driver’s door or back door on which you perform smart unlocking operation will unlock.

Q: How to Defeat Traction Control on Gen2
These steps must be completed within 60 seconds.

Step 1: Set the ignition switch to ON, not READY. To do this press the power button two times, without pressing the brake pedal.

Step 2:
While the transmission is still in park (P), fully press the gas pedal two times.

Step 3: Apply the parking brake to ensure that the vehicle will not move during this step. Put the transmission in neutral (N) and fully press the gas pedal two times.

Step 4: Put the transmission back in park (P) and fully press the gas pedal two times. The car will display “!Car!” in the upper left corner of the LCD screen.

Step 5: Press the brake pedal and turn the ignition switch to the start position, without going back to the ready position, to start the engine.

If these steps are followed correctly, the vehicle will start with the traction control system defeated.

Q: Spark Plug Replacement
A: Iridium spark plugs are Denso SK16R11 or NGK IFR5A11

Gap: 1 to 1.1 mm is the spec. (0.039" to 0.043")
Replace when the gap grows to 1.2 mm or 0.047”.

Plug Torque: 13 ft-pounds
Ignition coil torque: 82 in-pounds



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