2006 Toyota Prius

(My first, "I don't get to plug it in" vehicle)
Classic Silver (1F7), package #6. Purchased 02.15.2006

And yes, I realize that a "hybrid" is not an EV. Thanks for asking. We purchased this as our secondary car, as there really isn't much choice in full-featured EVs at the retail level, now is there? The level of sophistication of the current Prius makes me wonder what a current Toyota EV would be like. Makes me get all shaky. This thing is deceptively roomy, has more power than I need, a comfortable ride and confident handling. Plus LOTS of gadgets! The only draw-back? Gasoline only. :(

My new license plate frame.

The Prius is a surprisingly GREAT car. That is.... great for a gasoline car. I honestly did not give it credit it deserves. Before purchase, I heard the same thing that everybody else is regularly bombarded with: The Prius won't get the gas mileage promised; you'd save money by buying Corolla; they're too small for a real car. Well, guess what? After owning one, certain things become clear...

The Prius has a lot to offer. This car has taken over the role that our 2001 Civic was playing, and the Prius gets about 15 more mpg, accelerates better, has more interior space, offers a smoother ride, handles better, is quieter, pollutes less and has a hatch-back. Yes, I do find the vehicle ugly... but it is also growing on me, much like the EV1 did when I began to really enjoy all that it offered. I have not seen nor heard of a more practical compact sedan on the market than the Prius.

Plates I'd like to have:

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What should be fixed in the future Prius?


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