EV (at least alt.fuel) Link Nest

What can I do? Who Killed the Electric car?

Plug-In Partners
Save the EV1 (saveev1.org)
Avoid driving vehicles like this
Convert your car (Left Coast)
Two Cents Per Mile

* Promote expensive gas.
* Leave your car at home and walk or ride your bike.

List of many reviews
Living on Earth review
Noel Adams EVWorld review
Chris Paine's Blog

EV-driver responses to reviewers
My page of WKTEC comments


Clubs/Forums/Email lists/Orgs Misc.

EV Charger News
EVCN email reflector
EV World
EV1 Club (defunct)
Electric Auto Association (EAAEV)
Electric Drive Transportation Association
Production EV Driver's Coalition
National Electric Drag Race Association
Grass Roots EV
V is for Voltage
EV Map
Electric Vehicles UK
AutoBlogGreen (green blog, duh)
EV Maine
Zoomlife (EV blog)
AllCarsElectric (EV news blog)
GreenCarReports (More EV news blog from the same folks above)
Greenobile (EV news forum)
SolarChargedDriving.org (PV + EV - doesn't get better than that!)

US DOE (specs for all full-size production EVs)
California Fuel Cell Partnership
AeroVironment Fast Charging
Fast Charging in Hawaii

Carol Shelby on Green Cars
Culture Change (petrocollapse)
Cost of converting fleet to EV
Set up your mirrors properly for safety!
Biodiesel Info (Marc Franke)
Cellulose Fuel (Nancy Ho)
Anger Powered Vehicles
How did gas cars trump EVs?
Denial of Global Warming
Oil Addiction (Military.com)
PIA Link Nest
Alt Vehicles around the world (video)
Save the grid with V2G
The Story of Stuff (20 min video for EVERYBODY to see)
Electric Vehicle Efficiency Analysis (Tom Saxton)
EV Resource (a primer on EVs)
Efficient Vehicle Guide
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology (fantastic mag from the UK)
Online Guide to EVs (from an insurance site)

AC Propulsion Docs Politics

AC Propulsion 2003 EVAA Presentation
Li-ion Tzero press release

Tom Hanks re: ACP Scion conversion project:
Low Rez (4MB)  -  High Rez (29MB)
Products, Politics and Plans - 2005

CARB ZEV Rulemaking
Clean-air HOV access - 5205.5
Pollution from EVs?
SUV Tax Loophole -- 1 -- 2 -- 3
Set America Free
True America
ZEV Tech Symposium Sept 2006


Products that make sense Driver sites

EVnut bike jersey (you missed it)

Plug the Plug

enviro Tees
Political T-shirts
The folding A-Bike
Bike Friday (high-performance folding bikes)
Peace Project (movies, books, stickers, etc)
EV cookies! (eco-planet)

Prossen EV  (Pete Prossen)
Thoughts on CARB policies (Mark Looper)
Patty's Page
Stefano's Alt Vehicle page
Marc Geller's Plugs and Cars Blog
Paul Scott's EVs and Energy Blog
Mark Looper's EV site (includes quick charging).
KillaCycle (fastest EV on earth)
Webster EV
eakoilgarage (James Morrison)
aminorjourney (Nikki from the UK)
Tom and Cathy's Rav4EV upgrades
The Hybrid Electric Kinetic Photovoltaic Vehicle
Electric Vehicle Guide (attempt to separate fact from fiction - what's availabe)
Life in the Fast Lane

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