Fun... but Scary

Driving a Hummer for safety. It would appear that the REALLY safe guys are driving yellow school buses.

Lifted 4wd Ford Excursion spotted 10.27.05 in the parking lot at an informal EV lunch in Sacramento. To fully comprehend the size and height of this thing, please notice that the white vehicle on the right is what normal people consider an SUV - a little Ford Explorer.

Some folks say that they are not swayed by advertising... That automakers just offer what we consumers want. Why the auto industry spends more on advertising than any other industry is somewhat of a mystery then, I guess. They spend BILLION$ to tell us what we want. Here is an example of why we need the hummer (from cable TV):

First one - a guy standing in a supermarket line with a basket of health food, veggies, etc. He looks at the guy behind him with a big pile of red meat. The next shot shows him zooming into a Hummer dealership and driving out in a new Hummer H2. The tag line was "Restore the balance." Here's the clip.

Second one - a woman and kid are standing in line when another woman butts in line and the first woman meekly lets her. Next shot shows the meek woman driving into a Hummer dealership and driving out in a new H2. The tag line was something like "Get your girl on".

Here we have a couple of guys who apparently drive around in one of the most offensive vehicles that the US auto industry has yet produced... to unite against terror. They even support People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other excellent causes that I can't read on the bumper. My guess is that every one of these causes is hindered by driving an innefficient gasoline vehicle.

I'm not worthy. I can only assume that the runningboard also serves as a several hundred-gallon fuel tank. The American flag is a nice touch. Only a real patriot could burn this much foreign oil.

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