Tesla Model S

Forgive me. This is the pre-production shot. I just really like it. Squint a little, and you can't tell it from the production car.

Really, this car needs just three words:




But I also have pictures and video.  ;-)  With this car comes the beginning of the end of the EV advocacy era. No excuses need to be made for this car. We often hear it is "too expensive," but of course the Model S does not compete with the Honda Civic. It competes with (and trounces) cars in the same (and much higher) price and luxury class. Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc. This car demonstrates that electric cars aren't just "good" - The Model S unequivocally shows the world that to be the best car in the world, an electric drive train is mandatory. This isn't just the best EV ever made. It is the best car. And it is not the best despite being an EV... it is the best because it is an EV. There is no other car with such magical throttle response coupled with gobs of torque in such a luxurious, well-handling package (and generous passenger room, and cargo room, and best-in-class looks and finish and....). With enough money, enough wasted fossil fuels, and enough sound and vibration insulation, a driving experience like this can be fudged in an internal combustion car . But it simply will never compare to the genuinely liquid-smooth, instant-at-every-speed torque (proportionally controllable in both directions). This car is phenomenal. No matter where Tesla goes from here, this car has changed the automotive world permanently.

In case I was too subtle, or you didn't read close enough: I find this car acceptable. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

In June, 2013, Rob and Milli brought their lovely chocolate Model S (85 signature) over to EVnut World HQ, and let me drive the thing! Now THAT is friendship. Here are 11 minutes of video we made of the drive. Sorry... mostly my ugly mug featured!


There are other "brown" Model S's. But no other cars are this color. One-off, custom-from-the-factory Metallic Chocolate. Finish quality is unmatched.

Rob really likes to lean on his car. I was afraid to leave my sweaty arm print on it. I really should have dressed better.

Reminds me of the EV1 belly. completely aero smooth under here!

The famous "frunk." Note that the luggage can easily fit into the "cave" in the firewall behind the elastic netting. this thing offers about as much room up here in the engine bay, as a car like the Leaf offers in the main rear cargo area! OK... maybe not that much, but what an amazing cargo bonus up here that nobody expects. The back is of course large and comfortable enough for two adults to sleep in.

One of the few times Rob wasn't actually lovingly touching (massaging?) the vehicle.

Preparing for liftoff. Next destination: Reno. Moments later there were two parallel tire marks on the pavement, and 4,800 pounds of awesomeness headed East. Wait... maybe an even 5,000 pounds. How much do you weigh now, Rob?


Video: How the Model S is made

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