Commuter Cars Tango

I had the pleasure of meeting Rick Woodbury (President, Commuter Cars) and spending some time with his first production Tango. The Tango is a tandem two-seater that is narrower than a Honda Goldwing motorcycle, and safer and higher-performing than just about any production vehicle on the road today. 8' 5" long, 39" wide, and 60" tall, the vehicle weighs 3,000 pounds - much of that from the lead-acid "ballast" battery pack that keeps the tall, narrow vehicle amazingly stable. The car is basically one giant roll-cage that is covered with carbon fiber "skin." Capable of 0-60 in four seconds, and a 12 second standing quarter mile. Commuter Cars Website. Rick is taking deposits and orders now!

The rear seat in this one is removed to make more cargo area. You're seeing the back of the driver's seat here.

With the hood pulled forward you mostly see HVAC components and a bit of the front suspension.

Here's where the scoot comes from.

Both doors open.

The cockpit. Even a cup holder on the lower left dash. Stereo speakers down low. Leather interior on this premium model.

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