SUV Collection - Hummer included!

The Rav and the Hummer.  The "Hummer" was returned - it is a folding Montague bicycle, and the quality did not match my requirements, nor did it match the price I paid. Great photo op though!

And here is one of our"other" vehicles that we actually use as an SUV. We likely travel off road more often in it - carrying larger loads - than most folks do with REAL SUVs. This one just happens to hold a family of four, all of our gear, and gets 40mpg. Pictured here camping with a 14' kayak and 16 cu .ft. cargo box. Though this is a gasoline car, it is what we use to avoid the "required" SUV or pickup. The other 95% of the miles it is driven we have the roof bare, of course.

Same car going camping in the Tahoe National Forest with the little utility trailer I built. Again, no need for a giant SUV for the other 364 days of the year. Towing the trailer drops my mileage down to about 35mpg on the freeway. You can't tell here - but the car actually has (gasp) DIRT on it! Yes, we drove many "offroad" miles on this trip. We are carrying food and drink for 16 people/four days... all our personal stuff.

The Civic was traded for a 2006 Prius... so it was pressed into duty as our latest SUV. Shown here in Tahoe with 15' kayak and Yakima Rocket Box. Cargo area is filled with food for 15 for four days. We normally see about 54mpg with a bare roof. With this configuration, our SUV is hobbled to about 46mpg.

Bike and cargo to the coast.

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