2007 (and earlier) Installations

So where does a guy like me go camping after a grueling year of PV sales?

Klee Place. Davis, CA. 3.4kW Completed July 2007
"The solar system works great, and Boy am I happy we put 4 KwH on the roof. Got my first statement, and I had an electric bill of -$17.50. We have to pay the $5.27 for the pleasure of dealing with PG&E, but that is not bad considering last August I ran about $350. Isn't this great? --Thanks, Etan."


Audubon Circle. Davis, CA. 2.5kW Completed June 2007.

La Mesa Ct. Davis, CA. 3.4kW Completed April, 2007.

San Geronimo Valley, Marin County. 5.5kW Completed April 2007.


Michelangelo Ct. Davis, CA. 2.5kW Completed in 2003.

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