Convex Mirror

I am a HUGE fan of convex mirrors - provided they're optically correct and mild enough to be useful.  I have used a really nice front-silvered clip-on mirror from Brookstone for about 15 years now.  The problem is, that plastic case finally broke, and the mirror was just a bit too long anyway (the sun shades would hit it, knocking the mirror out of alignment).  So... complete with crappy pictures, here's what I did:

I started by popping the mirror out of the plastic clip-on holder (was held in with 3M foam tape, so it wasn't all that hard, though I did have to bend the glass more than I was comfortable with!). Here was the challenge.  Figure out how to stick rectangular, long mirror onto round-cornered rhombus factory mirror.

I recently purchased a diamond cutting wheel for my Dremel, and right there on the package it says "cuts glass."  Well, if that isn't baiting me I don't know what is. Turns out, the thing worked astonishingly well to cut the shape I wanted (I just traced the factory mirror onto the back of the convex one).  I then followed up with a little drum sander on the Dremel, and all the edges are smooth and nice. I then made some aluminum U-brackets and 3M foam-taped the whole thing together. Now the sunshades don't hit it, it doesn't vibrate as much, and it doesn't RATTLE!  No, not perfect, but looks much better than when I had it clipped on!

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