Rav Horns

Installed two louder, dissonant Fiamm horns to replace the stock wimpy one. The horns can be found for about $10 at harborfreight or at Kragen and other auto parts stores. The horns that I (and Jerry P.) used are:
1. Low Tone Freeway Blaster Horn - Fiamm # 72112 (Harbor Freight ITEM 44759-0VGA)
2. High Tone Freeway Blaster Horn - Fiamm # 72102(Harbor Freight ITEM 44760-0VGA)

Here is what they each look like:

Before we get started, here's what the stock horn sounds like. And here's what the Fiamms sound like. Please note that relative volumes are not accurate. The new horns are quite a bit louder as well as more authoritative.

Looking straight down behind the front bumper, the passenger side horn can be seen (charge port on the right with orange cable attached). This is the position of the stock horn that is first removed.

Looking straight down behind the bumper to the right of the radiators. This is the driver's side where there never used to be a horn. You can see the L bracket that I used to bolt to an existing hole above the horn. The power wire to this horn is just taped to the inside of the back of that bumper.

While there are actual slots in the blanking plate in front of the existing horn location, there are just pressed indentations on the driver's side. With a bit of patience and a Dremel, I made the slots go all the way through on this side as well.

Here is how the two sets of slots look now. It likely makes ZERO difference in sonic output to have these slots, but I figured I would not be able to sleep at night until the two sides matched.

I now regret tossing the cheap stock horn before taking a picture. It is a little pancake style that just didn't cut the mustard.

Jerry P. performed the same task with the same horns - and ended up mounting his horizontally. Here are some close-up shots of his installation. This first image is of the passenger side horn, and the inset shot is of his custom wire-doubling connector.

Driver's side unit. Jerry and I mounted both horns in the same location - just in a different orientation.

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