Rav Door Fabric

It would appear that after about five years, most owners are noticing that the door panel fabric is pulling away from the door at the top. The fabric is fine, it just needs to be glued back down. Seems that they didn't use quite enough adhesive at the factory. I found that 3M spray adhesive worked just great.

Here's the problem. Mine wasn't looking this bad until I pulled the fabric back enough to help me add more adhesive. You need to have a little bit of room to spray.

Into that groove and onto the vinyl panel is where we'll spray the adhesive. Try not to go beyond the groove!

To avoid disaster (yes... experience) I taped off the panel just above the groove before spraying. On the subsequent doors (check all four, you might be surprised to see the rear doors having the same issue) I just threw caution to the wind and sprayed without first masking. The over spray rubs off with your finger when still wet.

After spraying, I tucked the fabric back into the groove with a wooden spatula made from a pop stick. A credit card would likely work just as well. Smooth the fabric to the panel at the same time you poke it into the groove.

All done. Better than new.

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