Front Cup Holder

This is a factory part from a 1998 ICE Rav4 (part number PT547-42970). Since I added the Armrest/Console, I have not had a handy place to keep drinks in the car, so this turned out to be a great find. I stumbled across this part by accident.

Because my Rav is a 2002 model, I had to relocate the heated seat switches. The 12V outlet also needed to be relocated to this new part. My charge port door opener button has not been required since the car was a day old (opening mechanism was removed, and the door is now held in place with a magnet, see my charge port mod), so that was not an issue, and that button currently just dangles behind the console. Finally a way to hold a bottle of water in a handy place! What you cannot see from these pictures is that the lighter socket is also now illuminated with a blue LED.



Plugging anything into the lighter socket precludes using at least one of the holders, so I added another outlet in the console project.

Seat heater switches are now located next to the parking brake where there were some change holders. Six inches of wire had to be used to extend the wire harness to make them fit here.  Each switch has six wires attached to it, so it was not trivial to extend them all.

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