Rav Motor Coolant Replacement

12 steps to replacing the motor coolant in the Rav4EV. Here is the image from the relevant pages of the shop manual for the proper specs.

1) Using a 14 mm open-end or box-end wrench with some offset, remove the plug and drain the coolant in a pan. The plug is in an awkward location (shown below with yellow stripe) - close to and above a steel frame member.. Because of the proximity to the steel bar, a typical socket won't work. This part was definitely not optimized for the EV version of the vehicle.

2) Close plug tightly according to specs

3) mix coolant with distilled water, 50/50 1.5 liters of each for a total of 3 liters. Capacity is 2.9 liters.

4) Open radiator cap and pour coolant until it tops.

5) Locate relay box (all-black box in middle of photo below) and open it (single rear latch needs to be pressed in, not out like the 2 front ones).

6) Remove relay (use a screwdriver to carefully open the latch on the right side of the relay)

7) Short pins 3-5. I put spades on one end of some clipped leads as shown. Any wire will work, of course.

8) The water pump will start as soon as the pins are shorted.

9) Keep filling with coolant as pump recirculates. You will see small bubbles and the coolant level lowering. Keep filling to the max.

10) Turn the pump off by removing the leads.

11) Place relay and close cover.

12) Close radiator cover. It's done. You're cool.

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