Ranger Water Pump Sticking

A stuck water pump can strand you, and is somewhat common on trucks that have been sitting for a while.Thanks to Jack Kay for collecting and providing this info.

  1. The water pump is a black, barrel-shaped device that is hidden underneath the right side of the central convertor box (as you face it looking under the hood).
  2. There are 2 hoses coming off the water pump (one to the front, and one to the side). If the water pump is working, you can feel some vibration on the hoses when the truck is "on."
  3. If the pump is not working, from the driver's side of the truck, there is a small area where you can fit the handle end of a screwdriver (or a wooden dowel), which can be used to tap the water pump. If the pump engages, you will hear a new low hum-like noise. Additionally, as noted above, you can reach down and confirm the hoses are vibrating.

The Ford part number for the water pump is: F8YZ-8501-AA

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