2000 Ford Ranger EV
with conductive charging station

In short, the vehicle comes with:

• Approximately 5,400 original miles (I am still driving it daily)
• Original Owner’s manual plus the Wiring Manual and complete Shop Manual on CD!
• California HOV stickers installed.
• Newly refurbished lead-acid battery pack.
• Great condition and clean - inside and out.
• Avcon charging station with 14-50 plug.
• Ford OEM tonneau cover, used, installed.
• Ford OEM carpeted floor mats, NEW.
• Custom LED high-mounted brake light.
• Wheelskin leather steering wheel cover, NEW, installed.
• Everything functioning as designed.

The truck works great, looks fantastic and is totally clean. Perfect for in-town trips and short freeway commutes. NEVER visit a gas station with this vehicle!

The Ranger is being sold to make room for, and to help finance my wife's new car.

The longer story:
Manufactured by Ford in Edison, New Jersey, the Ford Ranger EV is a battery electric vehicle (not a hybrid) - it uses no liquid fuel. There were only about 1,400 of these vehicles produced and most were used in fleets. The Ranger EV is no longer in production and many of the lease return vehicles were crushed. There are now likely fewer than 200 of these vehicles remaining today.

The Ranger EV is an easy to drive vehicle. It drives just like the gas version, only better! The Siemens three phase 90 HP electric motor is powerful enough to propel the Ranger from 0-50 in about 11 seconds. Top speed is governed at over 70 mph. It goes as fast as I need it to go, certainly. There is no real service schedule, as there is no oil to change or engine to tune.

It is a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV). In California (and other states?), this will allow you to drive in all CA HOV lanes and cross all SF Bay Area bridges toll-free even if you are driving solo. The vehicle comes with the required HOV stickers and certificate – no waiting! While home charging is amazingly convenient and practically, there are also many hundreds of public chargers throughout California. See Evchargernews.com for details. The City of Sacramento allows you to park (and often charge) for free at any of their city lots.

Standard features include heat/AC, variable assist power steering, four wheel anti-lock disk brakes, AM/FM cassette, passenger and driver airbags (passenger airbag can be disabled for use with a child seat), and a step-tow bumper. The tires are special low rolling resistance Uniroyal Tiger Paw AWP radials with aluminum sport wheels that look fantastic. The truck seamlessly incorporates regenerative braking - energy that is normally lost during braking is instead turned back into energy to charge the batteries.

The battery pack consists of 39 Delphi VRLA (VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid) 8 volt batteries for a total of 312 volts at 60Ah. The battery pack in this Ranger (in fact the entire vehicle) has recently been refurbished by BatteryMD in Sacramento, and is, for all intents and purposes “like new." The Range-o-meter consistently indicates between 45 to 50+ miles, and I have personally driven the truck 50 freeway miles. I have done everything I can to baby the pack, and have only run it down past 50% State of Charge twice. It is kept on the charger (as recommended by BatteryMD and Ford) as often as possible to maintain the pack.

I am aware of only four "imperfections" on the vehicle: A small ding in the rear edge of the cab roof, a ding in the front bumper, and a cracked plastic trim piece inside the arm rest console. The interior of the bed is *lightly* scratched from use. I only mention these items to offer full disclosure - you will be amazed at the condition of this vehicle! There are no door-dings or exterior scratches beyond what I have listed. The interior is also in exceptional condition and now includes a brand-new premium steering wheel cover and OEM carpeted floor mats.

The battery pack is charged through an onboard battery charger with the help of an external Avcon Charging Station (included). The charger needs a 40 amp 220VAC circuit. It will work temporarily from a 30A dryer outlet, but a permanent 40A circuit should be installed for daily charging. A full charge (from empty to full, which is rarely needed) requires 6-8 hours.

The Ranger is enjoyable to drive, and is exceedingly quiet. You do nothing different to drive this vehicle as compared to the gasoline version. You turn the key, release the brake, put it in D, and you’re on your way past the gas stations.



Buyer will pay all taxes and/or transfer fees. Buyer will also arrange for and pay for any required transportation to final destination. I will have the truck fully charged - the rest is up to you.

The truck can be seen in Davis, CA. Contact me through EBay’s "ask the user a question" and include your phone number and email address. If you can pretend like you are not impressed with the truck's condition when you first see it, you get $20 back after purchase. :)

The truck is fully functional and is currently being driven daily. The truck is offered here in as-is condition with no warranty expressed or implied. It works great now; it may not work great tomorrow.

Buyer must pay a $1000 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit within 3 days of the auction close or I will offer to the next highest bidder or relist it. The final balance will need to be paid in full within 7 days from the end of auction and prior to delivery. Deposit can be by Paypal; the rest of the payment must be with a cashier's check or money order....or even real cash. Please send CASH-transfer Paypal to paypal-cash@darelldd.com. If a credit card is required, please make arrangements with me first.

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