Ranger LED dome light

First modification to the Ranger: LED dome conversion. With this conversion, the amount of light remains about the same, but the current draw is reduced to 1/8th, and the light is WHITE instead of incandescent yellow. There does not seem to be a way to turn the dome light off when the door is open, so this modification is much friendlier to the auxiliary battery when the door needs to be left open (or is accidentally left open!) for long periods.

Here is the factory fixture with the factory 9W bulb.

The new Luxeon Star 1W white LED in place (oops, I took this shot in the opposite orientation just to make everything less obvious). It is thermally epoxied to the 350mA constant current driver board, and the whole thing is suspended by the copper power wires in much the same way as the factory light was held in. I did my best to center the LED though - the factory bulb is off-center.


And all done with the diffuser on. Stays cool, and won't drain the battery if the door is left ajar over night.

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