Ranger EV LED third brake light

A traditional incandescent light bulb requires about 1/3 of a second to achieve full brightness (incandescent lights need to reach operating temperature in order to give off light). LEDs, on the other hand, produce light almost instantaneously. Surprisingly, at 65 mph, 1/3 of a second equates to more than thirty feet of travel. Switching to LEDs in the brake lights can give following motorists some extra space to avoid parking in your trunk. The main reason I wanted to do this, of course, is because it seemed difficult and expensive. After watching the video, I think I'll add two more red emitters to the fixture for extra "I'm STOPPING" information.

I made a small video (using the Ranger with the newly-converted LED high-mounted brake light) to demonstrate the time lag of incandescent lights. The center-mounted light comes on substantially faster than the incandescents on the bed.

The new red/orange Luxeon Star 3W module thermally epoxied to a heat sink. The 500mA constant current driver is sealed in the orange silicone wrap.

Makes light.

I may fill the outside lens later. For now, we just have the center like stock.

Rear view of the module installed.

Uses the factory harness so it just plugs in like the original.

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