Prius Misc

Images for reference.

Defect in my digital gage mirror.

UK factory racks

Greg Johanson of Solar Electrical Systems has designed this solar Prius roof and is contemplating a similar solution for the Rav.

A typical trip from Vacaville, CA to South San Francisco, CA. 75 miles door to door. Driving 65-70 when possible, stuck in slow-and-go traffic other times. Driven at night with heat and headlights on, 54° ambient. Two little hills between these two "sea level" cities. Yes, I was shooting for good mileage on this one. If driven without a care, I would have see about 52mpg.

Modified factory key with embedded rare-earth magnet for hiding on the car.

Original factory sticker for my 2006 package #6.

Somebody asked if two bikes would fit in the back of the Prius. Well, here they are. Two 19" bikes with the wheels off. There is easily room enough for a third. The front seats in this picture are all the way back on their tracks as well.

No glass.

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