Prius Links

General Prius II info (discussion forums) Search with Google Solatec PV panel kit for Prius (Please - beware of the wild claims!)
John's PRIUS USER GUIDE for Gen2 Solar Electrical Systems PV Prius
Wiki Birth of the Prius
CA clean air vehicle HOV stickers from DMV 32 Prius hints
Hybrid FasTrak transponder for CA Bay Area bridges GM's Lutz on why Hybrids cars make no sense.
Crash test results for the Prius II How to adjust the mirrors properly (on any car!)
Prius Palm simulation (Showing SOC and battery bar correlation) Remove air filter (John's site)
Planetary gear system function Less energy than a used Corolla
Toyota Tech Info

LLR tires reviewed by TireRack

  • Michelin Energy Saver A/S
  • Bridgestone Ecopia EP100

Plug-in Prius

Benefits of (EPRI) Energy CS (developer of the plug-in system)
Explained (EV World) EDrive (Producer of the plug-in system)
Pluginamerica hybridsplus
What GM was up to in the year 2000 (Precept) Calcars
  Prius Plus

Driver Sites

DocVJ mods Vass 2004 Prius mods
Bob Richardson Voice Recognition The Hobbit Link Nest
Prius Owners Group John's pages

Debunking the myth that a Hummer is better for the environment than the Prius.

Hidden cost of driving a Prius (Wall of Cheese) And another (Pacific Coast Institute)
And another (BetterWorldClub)

And Another (Rocky Mountain Institute)

And another (Sierra Club)  

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