Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

I've held off on this page long enough... but still don't have much to flesh it out. I'm starting it just as a place-holder, and to remind me to attend to it sooner than later! In Sept06, CARB held a ZEV Technology Symposium in Sacramento, and much testimony was aimed at the potential of PLUG-IN hybrids. I'm often asked by my fellow Californians about "all that electricity" that will be used if we suddenly start plugging in our cars. There are MANY answers to that concern - one of the big ones is that CA already uses about HALF of the national average of kWh of electricity per capita than the national average. CA, in fact, uses less electricity per capita than any other state in the country. link.

Prius Plus
Energy CS (developer of the plug-in system)
EDrive (Producer of the plug-in system)
Benefits of (EPRI)
Hybrids Explained (parts geek)
What GM was up to in the year 2000 (Precept)
EPRI Journal, Fall 2005
EPRI report, Summer 2007
Toyota PHEV proto, 2007
Digg Prius PHEV video, 2007
UCD Plug In Hybrid Electric Research Center, 2007

National Campaign for Plug-In Hybrids:
- Transcript
Alt Webcast at PIA


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