2010 - Feb - 23

I had the rare opportunity to drive a MINI-E for an extended (and thrilling) blast out HWY 80 this week. In doing so, I also took part in Stefano's record-setting road trip with his car: 1,100 miles from Southern CA to Folsom and back. My contribution was the far end of the trip - Davis to Folsom and back. Stefano is meticulous about his car(s), and has not only applied the fancy decals himself, but also "Clear Bra'd" the entire "MINIWATT." Yes, the entire vehicle. He travels with the most complete charging adapters on the planet - including a way to fuel up from the new Tesla chargers. The car was a blast to drive, and Stefano was very generous to let me have my way with it for so long!

Official info on the fully-electric MINI-E

Here it is parked in front of our driveway before we took off.

Of course we had to pose with it first...

And we're off. Heh.

View out the front just for fun. This was during another part of the trip, and shows the goofy, giant speedo, along with Stefano's custom data display. You'll note that Stefano always drives at a conservative speed. (Ha. At least when he's taking a picture that shows the speedo. But still - you don't know otherwise).

We made it up to Folsom to visit with Tom D. and his dual Rav4EVs - and grab some charge for the blast home. Let's just say that we didn't conserve energy on this trip. ;)

And finally, I give Stefano a cameo. Hey, it's his car (for more than a few more months, I hope!)

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