The lighter side of EVs

The ballad of the EV

You don't hear my engine rumble
As I pull up next to you
And even as I pull away
You still don't have a clue

You think you need a lot of noise
To make you go real fast
But I have news for you, my friend:
You're only wasting gas.

The key to starting fast, my friend,
Is having torque to spare,
And Torque is what I have in spades,
And I also spare the air.

I leave you in my mirror, friend,
As you watch me pull away.
Because my car's Electric,
You lose the race today.

I pay dimes instead of dollars
To leave you in the past.
I make no noise, I leave no smog,
And I use no oil or gas.

My car can last a lifetime
As there's little to wear out.
Some batteries and a motor
Are what it's all about.

Solar panels make my power,
Not some foreign country schmoe.
I don't send an army in
If my fuel is looking low.

Well, my friend, I'll leave you now:
I've another race to run.
I'll let you keep the lovely smog
Green in the setting sun.

I've got to show the ones who care
There's a better way to be,
That driving an electric car
Can keep us breathing free.

- Robert Stelling (mildly modified by Darell)

I bought a Tesla a week ago,
    I drive it with the windows down.
My friends tell me I ought to know
    Some things, I’d find, would bring a frown.

“You’ll miss the roar, the turbine whine,
    The clutch and shifting through the gears
“You’ll miss the burnout off the line
    And pistons singing in your ears.”

Its true.  I’m easy to convince.
    I miss the roar, the scream of might.
I find I’ve missed it ever since
    I left that Porsche at the light.

- Rob Stelling

(To the tune of “Travelin’ Through”—thankyew to Dolly Parton)

I stepped outside my house one day
Just on the way to buy
Another bag of groc-er-ies
From hunger not to die—

I re-al-ized to my chagrin
That, were we all to live,
It would not do to drive a car
Bad air is bad to give.

I’m just travelin’, travelin’, travelin’
Just travelin’ on

I told my boy ‘we need a car
That will not make folks sick’
He said ‘Okay, I know the one
And plus, it’s really slick!’

We got ourselves an EV1
Gen I and then Gen II
The years went by and now
They’re gone; RAV4 will have to do—

We’re just travelin’, travelin’, travelin’
Just travelin’ on

I called my local solar guy
Said ‘set me up today
I want clean e-lec-tri-ci-ty
My karmic debt to pay’

He said ‘you drive a Z-E-V
You’ve got some points with God
But add to that this fine array
I think God would applaud’

I’m just travelin’, travelin’, travelin’
Travelin’ on

So when I glide through streets & towns
I think how far I’ve come
I see how nice it is to drive
A car with just a ‘hum’

I’ve talked to folks with I-C-E’s
They wish that they were me
For, sad to say, it’s gosh-darn hard
To get PV EV

We’re just travelin, travelin’, travelin’
Travelin’ through

Ooo, ooo, ooo

- Claudine Jones


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