Dr. Andy Frank

Had a great visit with Dr Andy Frank of UCD. 03.11.05. 

Here we are being shown the engine bay of one of many high-mileage plug-in hybrids that have been built under his direction at UC Davis.

Yeah, that's me on the right. The good-looking guy is Dr. Frank. Directly behind us is one of the famed full-size GM plug-in hybrids with Li-ion batteries. Significant battery-only range, plus great gas mileage after the ICE kicks in. More torque than the stock vehicle. What's not to love?

L-R: Randy, Rob, Andy, Michael, Darell

This is the chain that is the heart of Dr. Frank's "almost lossless" Constantly Variable Transmission. On the far right of the last shot can be see the more traditional belt that is used in many other CVTs.

One of the Futurecars at UCD Picnic Day Parade.

One of the Futuretrucks at Picnicday Parade.

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