The EVSEs are coming! We used to charge our cars with off-board chargers. These chargers converted the mains AC power into DC power that could charge the batteries. Today's cars have the charger onboard, and they only require a way to be fed AC - though a special connector (J1772).

EVSE: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

There are a few enterprising folks who are creating some great EVSE product that is more flexible and cheaper than most of the retail offerings.

EVSE Upgrade - these guys take your Nissan Leaf L1 EVSE and convert it to work as a L2 charger.

SPX Solutions - They make a similar product to the Leaf EVSE conversion.

Leviton is now making a plug-in EVSE as well -

AVCON to J1772 conversion - easy and cheap instead of buying a whole new box/

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