Avian Motors Prototype

Jeff Kotowski brought his first Avian prototype to share with us at our recent Davis EV meeting on July 14, 2007. There is no skin, just structure, so use your imagination. Tandem two-seater with a single drive wheel in the back. No, there are no real specs, as this is just a proof of concept. Info on Avian Motors is found here.


There's Jeff. :)

Motor is forward of the rear pivot, so a transfer chain was used to put a new drive axle at the pivot point to keep the chain tension even when the rear suspension flexes.

Batteries are under the floor, and accessed through a large panel to which the driver seat is bolted.

Jeff getting ready to give rides in his unlicensed vehicle in the police parking lot. ;)

Me, checking the rear seat fit.

And pretending like Jeff would let me drive it.

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