EV1 Club 49 Mile Drive in San Francisco

September 28, 2002

Our final "EV1 Club" meeting.  Held at Dolby Labs in San Francisco, followed by an all-electric 49-Mile drive (a posted scenic route through SF).

Our final EV1 meeting/drive was well attended!. My car is the left-most silver/blue one.

Yup. The goofy guy is me.

Marc let me drive his Think! What a GREAT little car. I seriously want one.

Tom Gage showed up in Tzero2, and quickly became the center of attention.

You don't need to lug around a charger with this car. Just some extension cord and some adapter plugs.

The car makes me look amazingly too, eh?

The Tzero even makes the EV1 look big!

At the Marina.

One of the early Rav4's before most of us bought one - we were waiting until we had to give back the EV1s.

End of the drive with a great view.

And about a month later, the car was gone.

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